All of our pizzas are served with mozzarella and fontina cheese, Gluten Free Pizza Crust available for $2.00.

Make it a Calzone for $1 more!

*Steak & Portobello Mushroom

Roasted garlic, caramelized balsamic onions, Gorgonzola, roasted portobello mushrooms and ank steak cooked to your temperature. $14.95

Fiddler's Combo

A classic supreme-style pizza, marinara sauce, mozzarella, fontina cheese, Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms,bell peppers, and black olives. $13.95

Mediterranean Vegetable

Pesto, artichokes, kalamata olives, bell peppers, feta and ricotta cheeses, and topped with fresh tomatoes. $13.95

BBQ Pulled Pork

Our house-made, tangy BBQ sauce with succulent shredded pork, cilantro, fresh pineapple and jalapenos. $13.95